Here at Galaxy Dental, we are dedicated to the health of your children’s mouths.

One way we ensure a healthy mouth is by performing regular checkups. Children should be seen every six months unless they have a problem.

It is also recommended that during an examination your children get X-rays, which allow us to check for tumors, cysts, and bone loss. They also allow us to look at the positions of your children’s teeth and their roots.

While performing an examination, we look at the gums to make sure they are not infected or diseased, but if they are, we will help your child. We also look for signs of tooth decay and cavities. While we are examining your child’s mouth, we will also check any dental restorations that have been completed such as fillings. We also look for any signs of oral cancer. We check inside and outside the mouth for cancer.

After an examination, we perform a professional dental cleaning. During this time, we remove any tartar and plaque that is stuck to your child’s teeth. After cleaning, we polish the teeth to remove any stains. This can also remove any buildup that may be left on the teeth.

If you have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment, don’t hesitate to contact us today at (915) 444-8462.